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Q  Are dogs allowed?

A  Support dogs are allowed on site for the Festival, but you must make us aware that you will be bringing your support dog and keep them on a leash at all times.

Q  Can you buy tickets on the door?
A  There is a limited amount of tickets available for the festival to keep it appropriate for those in attendance, providing with plenty of space. If the festival is not a sell out the remainder of the tickets will be available at the main entrance. These tickets will be cash only.

Q  Do I need a diagnosis to attend?
A  No you do not. All abilities and disabilities are welcome. 

Q  Will I need to bring my own food and drink?
A  That is entirely up to you.  There will be food and drink on sale, but it may not meet the dietary requirements of everyone in attendance.

Q  Is the festival suitable for adults with learning disabilities?

A  Yes, there is plenty to do for all ages and abilities.

Q  Where can I park?

A  There is a car park on site, through the main entrance.

Q  Is there anywhere to stay nearby?
A  There are an abundance of campsites, hotels and B&Bs in the area.  If you concentrate your search in such area’s as Matlock, Lea, Matlock Bath, Carsington and Wirksworth you are sure to find something to suit.

Q  What time does the festival start and finish?
A  The festival starts at 10.00am and finishes at 4.00pm. Please be aware that some of the climbing activities will begin to close at 4.00pm.

Q  Can I use card on site?
A  We would recommend that you bring cash with you on the day.  Although there may be some vendors that accept card, the connectivity is poor in the local area and on site and there is not a cash machine within walking distance.

Q  Will I need to pay for any activities or rides at the festival?
A  No, all activities and rides are free once you have paid for your ticket.

Q  Is it possible to perform on the stage?

A  If you are interested in performing on the stage please send us your details and we will forward them onto the team in charge of the stage entertainment.

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