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The Festival Map - TBA

2019 Map Below For Reference

2019 map.png

Stage Schedule - TBA

11:00 AM  |  ???? 
11:30 AM  |  ????
12:30 AM  |  ????
1:00 PM  |  ????
1:30 PM  |  ????
2:00 PM  |  ????
2:30 PM  |  ????
3:00 PM  |  ????
3:30 PM  |  ????

'Why Spectrum Gets It Right'

Peter Benyon

Spectrum gets it right because the festival organisers knew from the beginning that it was not to be about labels and diagnoses, or differences and adjustments, it was about who it is for: individuals, adults, young people, children, parents and carers; everyone whether they are on the autistic spectrum or not. If Spectrum was going to get it right, it needed to be without add-ons or tweaks, it needed to be able to accommodate everyone in all their glory. It needed to be truly inclusive.  


That is what Spectrum is: a space to be yourself without any fear of being judged or looked at in that way we all know - the look that makes you feel different in a bad way or like you're are doing something wrong. 


At the Spectrum festival you get time, space, patience and understanding from people who know, who have been through the same experiences and who, just like you, have wished for a place where everyone "got it". 


Spectrum is that place.


Everybody you meet, from the organisers to stall-holders to activity leaders to volunteers to site staff to the other visitors, "get it".


 What Spectrum really gets right, is that it knows it is all about people, the people who come to the festival and the people that make the festival happen. When you get that right, everything else will follow.


Come to Spectrum and be yourself.

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